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Monday, 23 June 2014

79% Of Mumsnetters buy a product after reading about it on Mumsnet

I find these figures fascinating: 79% of Mumsnetters read about a product on Mumsnet then go on to buy it, and; 80% of users seek advice or read reviews on Mumsnet when they are planning to buy a child-related product (Stats are from an independent study of on-line parenting forums for the Arts and Humanities Research Council).

This got me thinking - what have I bought after reading about on Mumsnet?

Best priced - The most flattering dress I have ever owned. It was  a similar style from Oasis last summer, I  may have bought an identical one in the sale out of sheer panic over what I'd wear the following year to match it usefulness. 

In searching for an image I have discovered it now has a V neck and more colours in this years range. The photo is not of me, I'm the one wandering around muttering I didn't know it was available in blue.

Soap & Glory Foot buffer
It wasn't the description of a cheese grater for your feet  
 that sold this to me it was the multitude of posters agreeing it was the best product ever for regaining super soft feet.  It was sold out on-line - they were going for triple the £8 approx in store price on ebay - and I went to four Boots stores in my search but I'm glad I did.

Karcher window vac I followed this thread last year. I had read so much about them and spoke to a colleague who had recently bought one specifically for her shower screen. I may have felt compelled to buy one. It does an exceptional job on cleaning windows and is useful in winter for drying the north facing windows which gather condensation resulting in a morning argument over who gets to hoover the windows <proud parenting moment>

A Dyson which I am so pleased with I have even named it. It's the animal model and when the sales person asked about pets I admitted to having a tortoise rather than explain I had children with long hair which seemed to jump out to cover the stairs carpet. 

Wild mice. I read the original thread  which has sadly since departed because it was posted in chat. Many of us thought the poster meant 'wild rice' and auto correct had it's own ideas, she kindly came back to educate us all. If you are in Lidl buy them, try them and if you don't think they are delicious send them to me - please.

Karcher steam cleaner, something else I applied for a product test for. I didn't get one but followed the feedback thread avidly and was persuaded. It does a fabulous job especially on tiles, my kitchen wall tiles shone like when they were new. Not an easy task due to their uneven nature and polished finish. The kitchen floor lost it's sticky residue yet I missed the smell of cleaning products and the size of the steam cleaner combined with the fact I always seem to manage to steam myself (it really hurts) means it is used for spring and pre-Christmas cleaning.

Then there are the shoes - I may have bought in several colours; the great bra intervention threads, and the Waitrose pea & Asparagus risotto which provides fast tasty comfort food. It resides in the freezer and you can use as much or as little as you want. So when you have planned a meal for 4 and suddenly it's only 2 people or 2 extra people arrive it's my easy back up plan.

Thanks Mumsnet for increasing my list of items I didn't know I needed, for talking me into the best buys and warning me against the worst buys so I can convince myself I have actually saved a fortune. 


  1. Brilliant! I tested the Karcher but was sad it doesn't clean carpets. For me, my top products are the Footner hard skin remover, Steam Cream and I was responsible for the craze for Lotus spread.

  2. I too have the Karcher and also bought the foot buffer and am now blatantly off to google that dress! If I'm going to make any big purchase I always check mumsnet first and the only product I couldn't find any useful feedback on were mousetraps!