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Friday, 13 June 2014

Mumsnet Lancashire Free for all, almost

If you ask “Do you want to go for a walk?” The answer in our household may be a resounding no, and questions may be asked as to the purpose of the walk, will it involve food etc. However if I ask “Anyone for a Penny walk?” the enthusiasm is instant. If you haven’t heard of a penny walk, fear not, it’s a fairly normal walk in disguise! At the end of each road you flip a coin and determine head for left tails for right and head off in that direction, it leads to diversions beyond your normal walks, possibly a rather circular walk with the focus on the penny determining your path. Parks and playgrounds are listed here

A trip to the library is thankfully not the silent trip I recall from childhood, across Lancashire there are child friendly activities from rhyme time to pirate parties and summer reading schemes, and it’s always worth asking at your local library or looking out for updates on Twitter. Children can also borrow audio books for free which can be useful for longer journeys or as background listening for craft or water play.

I have really fond memories of digging for coins as a child; wherever we went we always seemed to find them in sand dunes, along river beds, pathways.  It was many years later when I was reminiscing the news was broken to me the coins were placed there by my Uncle! It kept us entertained for ages with buckets and spades looking for more treasure which we were sure were just one more dig! It’s easily replicated with loose change or left over currency for variety and mystery, can easily be done in your garden or when out and out about.

A quick baking idea, with limited mess, have you tried cake in a cup? There are many recipes online, the ingredients are measured into the cup, mixed and microwaved, it can be claimed a cake in 5 minutes, personally it takes a bit longer here but provides food and entertainment.  Including children in preparing food can be useful, whisking eggs for scrambled eggs, making salad faces/monsters with shredded lettuce, grated carrot and tomato eyes.  

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